It’s Christmassssss!!!!!!!

Well. It’s Christmas time and this year we are in the Christmas market…What can I say. It’s absolutely fantastic!! People love our smoked foods! They love our processes, Our sources, and best of all our products. We are 11 days in now and already we have had so much repeat custom that we are beginning to see familiar faces. Some people just come back to tell us how nice our food was and that they’ll come back soon and others come to buy more. All of the responses we have had have made the early morning starts and the late night finishes all worth while. People love our foods and we love making them it’s a fantastic relationship we’re developing with the public and they all want to know where we’ll be next luckily in the next few days i will have uploaded a new page to our website for all of our events that you can come and visit at. Today the market was shut because of poor weather conditions ( Basically there was every chance if we were in the stall we could have taken off in the wind.).  So we have taken the opportunity to stock up on a multitude of products all of which we thought we had enough of but haven’t. We will be back to trading tomorrow and hope to see many more new faces and many of the growing familiar ones too. Merry Christmas and make sure you enjoy some smoked food over the festive period.

‘Bringing home the bacon’

‘Bringing home the bacon’ had a very different meaning in my household growing up, than it would have had in yours. My father bringing home the bacon in my house wasn’t just a pleasing phrase or congratulatory statement for bring home a wage. My father was actually bringing home the bacon. The same bacon I had said goodbye too two weeks previous! We used to share a calendar counting the days till he would bring the bacon home. One time I attempted to speed up the process by crossing off extra days. Suffice to say I wasn’t fooling anyone. Turns out it’s harder than you think to convince your parents it’s Thursday on Monday! Desperate attempt just to get some bacon you might think. you’d be right! I would do it again now if I didn’t understand the necessity of curing so well. The Bacon we produce now, what my father has produced and perfected for such a long time with his dry brining recipes is so sweet and so delightful god only knows what you wouldn’t do to get your hands on it!

To make our bacon so delightfully tasteful we need a good starting product. For this reason we have recently settled a wonderful relationship with fantastic couple Sonia and Adrian at The Real Pig Company. After visiting Sonia and Adrian and discovering there in-depth understanding of the pigs needs and there passion for keeping the pigs free range and granting the pigs as natural a lifestyle as possible. We couldn’t resist not only the products but the true natural life provided by The Real Pig Company. What makes this even more of a pleasure to announce is our love and support for local businesses The Real Pig Company doesn’t get anymore local being almost right on our doorstep. For more information on the pigs we use in all of our pork products please see there website, ( and be sure to by local sustainable products from guys like these!

Hello from Smeatons Smokehouse.

Hello to you all coming from a sunny Devon today! It’s autumn. The Leaves are falling, the roads are wet, and for those of us who have to drive those country lanes our vehicles are filthy. Despite all of this I’m in love with autumn. I came to work with my old man today (Father and son team) and we reminisced the autumns spent in the out house in the garden smoking new foods we had never tried before. Some were so enjoyable they stuck with us and we even offer them today, our smoked prawns are the talk of any household they enter. Some… not so much, let it be said you can’t smoke crab meat! Anyway we arrived at work fired up the smoker and I made us both one of our own smoked campfire coffees. something we actually came up with in the very same outhouse. We are new to Blogging and this is our first post but we intend to stay in touch. We love all food but smoked food is our speciality and passion. So be sure to send us pics of your smoked foods ask us about ideas you have and even find out what it is we offer.