‘Bringing home the bacon’

‘Bringing home the bacon’ had a very different meaning in my household growing up, than it would have had in yours. My father bringing home the bacon in my house wasn’t just a pleasing phrase or congratulatory statement for bring home a wage. My father was actually bringing home the bacon. The same bacon I had said goodbye too two weeks previous! We used to share a calendar counting the days till he would bring the bacon home. One time I attempted to speed up the process by crossing off extra days. Suffice to say I wasn’t fooling anyone. Turns out it’s harder than you think to convince your parents it’s Thursday on Monday! Desperate attempt just to get some bacon you might think. you’d be right! I would do it again now if I didn’t understand the necessity of curing so well. The Bacon we produce now, what my father has produced and perfected for such a long time with his dry brining recipes is so sweet and so delightful god only knows what you wouldn’t do to get your hands on it!

To make our bacon so delightfully tasteful we need a good starting product. For this reason we have recently settled a wonderful relationship with fantastic couple Sonia and Adrian at The Real Pig Company. After visiting Sonia and Adrian and discovering there in-depth understanding of the pigs needs and there passion for keeping the pigs free range and granting the pigs as natural a lifestyle as possible. We couldn’t resist not only the products but the true natural life provided by The Real Pig Company. What makes this even more of a pleasure to announce is our love and support for local businesses The Real Pig Company doesn’t get anymore local being almost right on our doorstep. For more information on the pigs we use in all of our pork products please see there website, (https://www.therealpigcompany.co.uk/) and be sure to by local sustainable products from guys like these!


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